Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Learning about taxis

We are finishing up our first 6 weeks of class. The purpose of these first 6 weeks has primarily been to introduce us to the sounds of Tagalog and teach us commonly used nouns, verbs and adjectives. We estimate that we know about 900 words now but most of them we only recognize when we hear. We aren't able to manufacture many of them on our own yet.
This picture was taken during one of our classes recently. We were learning what to say in Tagalog when giving directions to a taxi driver. This is a basic skill that we've been able to use regularly. Most taxi drivers speak some limited English but it is best to be able to throw a little Tagalog in there to help clarify where we want them to take us. We take a taxi to and from church on Sundays, home from the mall when we have a lot of parcels to carry, or when it seems unwise to take more public transportation (i.e. nightfall, when we are dressed up, etc.).


David and Amy Campsall said...

cool. Very practical stuff. Looks like fun driving dinky cars around..My boys would enjoy that too haha.. Blessings

Anonymous said...

We are proud of you and can totally understand much of what you are going through...love to read about it and as I said we're proud of you and 'think' of you often xo Sabine Family

HopiQ said...

Hi, friend! Thank you for such an uplifting and encouraging blog. I’ve given you The Versatile Blog award! Visit Heart and Home for the details.