Thursday, July 29, 2010

Don't breathe

Some people like to breathe cool air. Some people like to breathe in flowery fragrances. Some people like to breathe crisp, fall air.

Here, we try to avoid deep breaths and don't ever experience crisp, cool air.

This is what we breathe:

No, it's not a dead rat in the tub. It is just the black diesel dust from our air conditioner filter. You can pray for our lungs.


The Claussens said...

That's so gross! But on a side note... I love your bathroom!! :)

pat ve said...

I am glad you are not smokers as well. BTW, do the Filipinoes smoke?

Jean said...

Not nice to consider that you are breathing that all the time.

beitna our home said...

wow...not cool...we have dust...but it's not that dark...oh the joys of life away :) your blog
xo Theresa