Monday, August 09, 2010

A Date with Daddy

Dennis likes to take his girlies out on a date every so often. Now, when I take the girls on a date we usually just go and have a little treat while I go grocery shopping or something. Daddy is definitely the better person to date because not only does he buy them a treat, they often manage to come home with a little present too. Oh, spoiling daddy!

This time it was Button's turn. They had sorbetes (Pilipino ice cream- tastes a little different) and Button came home proudly displaying her new toy.
I took a good look at it and noticed that they had unwittingly purchased more than what they had bargained for: a bug plastered between the cardboard and the plastic. Hmm. I wonder if it is an extra peso for the bug?


pat ve said...

Don't hollar and shout it about,
All American girls will want beads and bugs!

I am glad that Daddy does those things with the girls. How special!

Seems I knew a Daddy that liked to do special things with his daughter. It was going to ethnic restaurants. A missionary in training?

Anonymous said...

ew on the bug but yay for a date with daddy :) Enjoy the new toys, Button :)
Aunt Patti