Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Button and Winnie Swim

Not to be outdone, Button and Winnie are swimmers too!


Anonymous said...

Great swimming all you little fishy!!

And don't take your eyes off the one over in the corner.We have been warned a lot this summer that drowning is silent.... not a lot of thrashing and yelling because they have no breath to do that... so a parent is to keep their eyes on the swimmer... you won't hear them if they go under.

Jean said...

Gramma's warning really makes special sense when you know a victim. Fun to see the girls learning these skills. So glad you have a handy swim pool. Are mom, Dad and A. B. getting lots of exercise also?

Anonymous said...

yep we get to swim too..it's been less during rainy season as it often rains about when we like to go but when we can we love to swim!! (or when the pool is clean..standards are very different here) Next step is to teach squeaky how to dive!! She loves to jump off Daddy's shoulders!!