Monday, August 30, 2010

A Surprise

In an interesting turn of events, I spent the better part of last week in a hospital bed. I now have a new fear and appreciation for the mighty ameoba. That, along with a UTI, fever and sinusitis made for a pretty tired and exhausted me. I'm home from the hospital now with some meds in hand and a new lease on life. I experienced first hand how intricately a body is knit together- how when a couple little things go wrong it can make a person really, really unhealthy.
Thank you Lord for health and strength, and for Your grace provided right when I needed it.
The girls bought me some roses and sent me a little note, signed by each of them. It was so precious.

Ready to go home after four days!


Glidewell Family said...

Yeah! Sorry you were sick. :-(

Anonymous said...

Glad you are home .... now how to avoid those nasty little fellows?

Anonymous said...

Oh you poor baby!! This breaks my heart!!! But so glad you're feeling better! :) God is so faithful. Des

pat ve said...

I wish I could have at least come up to the hospital and visited, or taken your family a meal, or better yet, brought the girls to my house, BUT the best of all has happened, the Lord has given you your health back and we are so thankful for that--for you--for HIM!

Join Us For Breakfast said...

I'm glad you're home again! Do you have to pay for a hospital stay out of pocket there or how are those kinds of things handled in that country?

David and Amy Campsall said...

Wow, Glad you are on the mend. What a special blessing little love notes from our children our. Hope that didn't set you back too much. We still pray for your family often. Thanking God now for your recovery.

Anonymous said...

Valerie you are sick again! Are you back in the hospital?
We are praying for you.
Mom E.