Thursday, October 07, 2010

9th Anniversary

Dennis took me out for our anniversary last night. We went to a Greek restaurant and had gyros and Greek salad. So delicious. Afterward, we wandered around the mall and enjoyed a Wendy's frosty and a Jollibee dipped cone. Jollibee is the equivalant of McDonald's here in popularity. They have McDonald's too, but Jollibee is even more popular. They serve burgers, fried chicken and rice as well as some uniquely Filipino cuisine- fast food style.
After having our ice cream, we went to an interesting yet somewhat bizarre 3D movie about fighting owls and a lute. The pop and popcorn came with our tickets, but we were pretty full by then and brought a lot of popcorn home.
Thanks for the fun date, Dennis. I'm so glad you are my husband!


9Browns said...

Happy Anniversary!

and Congratulations! : )


pat ve said...

:) Great that you could do something special. Love you, Mom