Saturday, October 02, 2010

Funny things are everywhere

We enjoyed some spectacular examples of "maybe you pay your translator too much" today when we spotted these sketch pads in a classy mall:

"Elephant: Animal's joyful- elephant in river water cheerful taking a bath!"

"Zebra: Animal's joyful- zebra on lawn free playing!"

And now, for the best one of all:

"Deer: The thing quick- Deer is looking for oneself happy food!"

Look closely. Now, does that look like a deer to you? I'm also a little scared as to what "oneself happy food" might actually be. Sounds a little cannibalistic...


Anonymous said...

I think they are also paying the artist too much. I could draw like that-- but I would choose not to. And if i happened to accidently let someone see my sketch that DID look like that AND people said they would pay me money for it... I would crumple it up and say, "shame on you!" (but later I would probably think that I was too proud and probably should have took the offer).


Anonymous said...

Should have took!

Anonymous said...

I think this may (even though I think they were from China not PH) explain the true difficulty of learning Tagalog, a few words here and there are ok, learning some nouns and verbs are ok, its trying to figure out what order to put them in so that you don't get laughed at like how we are laughing at this poor english translation! So I'm not gonna bother to learn!! :)

Anonymous said...

oh, forgot to sign it,