Saturday, May 28, 2011

Munch, Munch

This evening I made a discovery. It began with a small pile of reading material that we had in our bathroom. Oh, come on. Don't tell me you've never done that.

So, I was getting the little baby bathtub ready and went to fill it with a little water from the tap in the tub. I noticed our pile of books sitting there and decided that I really didn't want them to get wet, so I moved them an inch or two.

As I moved them I noticed something dark and weird behind it. I nudged the books over a little more and nearly jumped out of my skin when I saw hundreds of tiny larvae wiggling between the books and the wall of the tub! They were happily ensconced in a layer of dark brown stuff reminiscent of other things you might find in a bathroom.

So, that discovery taught me a thing or two, or three.

1. Termites will eat books and paper.

2. It is very gross.

3. Dennis will go to great lengths to save a beloved baseball magazine.
The End.


Anonymous said...

Well Dennis we are sending a box in a few weeks. Shall we put a new magazine or two in and you use your RAID ON IT as soon as you get it!

Join Us For Breakfast said...

Maybe it's time to let it go, Dennis.
xo anyway,

Marie Photographie said...

I just stumbled upon your blog! It caught my eye because my grandma is Filipino and I noticed your Tagalog in the above post. :)

As for this post, ew!! :)

Dennis and Valerie said...

Hi Marie, thanks for stopping by! Hope you enjoyed it- minus the termite post. :)