Saturday, June 04, 2011

Not Exactly What I Meant... (take 2)

Language Helping

Here is a glimpse into my language helping session recently. First I told this story to my language helper in Tagalog. Then she repeated it back to me, sentence by sentence, with corrections and I recorded that. I put the story into my listening collection so I'm able to listen to it over and over. (Earlier I also had her record her version of the story which includes more advanced Tagalog for me to listen to.)

But just for fun, I decided to put my story (in correct and very simple Tagalog) into Google translate to see what it thinks I said. The story you see below is the translator's final product. I don't think I'd use Google translate for anything too important! ;)

I also drew pictures of this "culture event" so that I could use them to learn the Tagalog nouns, verbs and other phrases that are associated with taking someone to the doctor.

Helping language session on us, we go by the guesthouse to pick Quinnie We Ate Beth. Then we rode the FX. We cross across the street and there we rode the FX onto the Megamol. But before we come down we have Megamol St. Francis Square and kinarga Ate Beth was pregnant because I Quinnie.

Then we walked over to Megamol Clinica Manila. And there I signed informatiyon concerning Quinnie. We waited there for the doctor's chair. But the doctor came there long. So, Ate Beth returned to school because she has class.

So, I Quinnie and just waited there. The doctor looks at the wounds of Quinnie and he prescribes medication for his wounds. Then, we bought prescription drugstore. And then we buy the prescription the doctor we go inside Megamol.

But, tired with so complaining that he Quinnie. So, we went and we tricyle and get home, we rested because we are tired.
This is the real translation of the story I told:

Awhile ago when we had our language session, Quinnie and I went to the guest house to fetch Ate Beth. After that we took an FX. We crossed to the other side of the road and there we took an FX going to Mega Mall. But before we arrived at Mega Mall we got off the FX at St. Francis Square and Ate Beth carried Quinnie because I was pregnant.

After that we walked inside Mega Mall to Clinica Manila. And there I registered Quinnie's information. We waited there on the chairs for the doctor, but it took a long time for the doctor to arrive. So Ate Beth returned to the school because she had class.

So it was only Quinn and I waiting there. The doctor looked at Quinnie's wounds and prescribed medicine for her sores. After that we bought her prescription at the drugstore. After we bought the doctor's prescription we walked around inside of Mega Mall.

But Quinnie was very tired so she complained. So we took a taxi and went home. When we went home we rested because we were very tired.


pat ve said...

I am afraid the story and pictures are Babel to me. We you or Q. telling the story? It is a good drawing, though. Did you do the drawing?

beitna our home said...

Oh my I soooo undertstand twhat you mean...lang. learning with a newborn and other kiddos is tough're doing great! It's good to laugh at it and keep trying. Lang is tough stuff when you're a youn Momma. Proud of you guys xo

beitna our home said...

see I can't even speak English anymore :)

pat ve said...

Question? "Ate Beth"??????

Dennis and Valerie said...

Hey Mom,
Did you read the whole thing, or just the story part that was in broken English?

It was about my language helping session. Ate Beth is one of our teachers at the school. I call her "Ate" because she is older than me and it is a sign of respect for me to call her that. Ate means "older sister," but it is also appropriate to use in context of a friend when you want to imply that there is a relationship of some kind between the two of you.

So the story is about how Ate Beth, Quinnie and I visited the doctor for Quinn's sores on her leg. I took Beth with me and then later I used that as a culture event to learn the nouns, verbs, and phrases about the event. That is why I drew the story out on paper.

The point of the blog entry is to show how google translate messed up my story- it was in perfect Tagalog to begin with, but when I entered it into google translate it spat out that almost incomprehensible story. Hence my last statement about not using google translate for anything too important.

I hope that clears up some of your questions. Sorry I wasn't able to communicate that in the first place to you- and English IS still my first language! ;)

Anonymous said...

I just saw this, hilarious and scary since I end up using google translate so much!!