Wednesday, April 18, 2012

P is for Polvoron

It took me awhile to discover this little treasure of the Philippines.  In fact, I remember biting into a polvoron for the first time at the birthday party of one of our teachers over a year after we had moved here.  As it crumbled all over my face (because as all good polvoron eaters know you cannot take a bite out of one and expect to remain tidy) I simultaneously felt like I had encountered something new and amazing and had come home.  It was like powdery, creamy loveliness all packed into a little cellophane wrapper- tasting much like a shortbread cookie but 100 times better.

On the day we first met
I knew I would never be the same.
How could I have gone 31 years without knowing you?
Crumbling, delicate,
Melting richness
I didn't know how sweet life could be.
What does it matter that I have a hard time spelling your name?

If you have never experienced the life-changing goodness of this delicacy, you will just have to come to the Philippines.  Or maybe I'll bring some home the next time we come.  Or I might just eat it all on the plane.


Sabrina said...

sounds delightful :)

Ron Easton for Dads UnLimited said...

Too funny...A great way to our start our day, part of our hearty breakfast this morning was laughing. Check out Sabrinas joke of the day too!

Anonymous said...

There is some in our cupboard! Hmmm!

Stephen Tremp said...

First time visitor stopping in from the A to Z Challenge to say hello! And I haven't heard of Polvoron. But it sounds like a tasty treat.

Jean said...

I have heard of it and actually thought it was a type of cheese I think I'll have to research it a bit to see if I'm thinking of something else. Sounds tasty.

Dana said...

Sounds delicious!

Tronster said...

Great story, I remember the first time my wife brought some home, and they are really good.

Keep up the posts, I enjoy reading them.

aki_diwata said...

I miss polvoron! Just found out that goldilocks has a US branch.