Thursday, April 19, 2012

Q is for Q-B-doo-B

Q-B-doo-B, also known as Winnie on my blog, is the perfect thing to talk about for the letter Q.  Our third born, this little person adds so much sparkle to our home.  She loves turtles, silliness, scraps of paper, cuddles, paper, small little things, and ... paper!

We just celebrated her 5th birthday last week.  Since she was our youngest for four years of her life she has many of the youngest characteristics- she loves to make people laugh and sometimes still acts a little like a baby.  And of course we treated her like our baby for four whole years so I'm not too surprised.  Sometimes I still have to scoop her up and cradle her in my arms when she's walking by...  She's so dinky that she still fits nicely in there.

Q-B-doo-B is very unique.  She will play quietly by herself for hours, making up little games with little toys or scraps of paper (have I mentioned the paper yet?).  She is left handed and often writes perfectly backwards and mirror-image from right to left although she is able to write forwards and properly as well.  I've wondered about that sometimes but she just tells me she likes to do it the other way more.  

We just love our little girl and are so thankful she is a part of our family.

Winnie playing a game she made up-  I'd try to explain, but it was complicated. :)

(For some reason the photo uploader on blogger has been doing this to my pics lately.)


Sabrina said...

my boys think you are missing a doo on the end of her "name" Q B-doo-B-doo.... A current favourite cartoon around here :)

A.D. Duling said...

Hi Valerie,

I just loved reading about your daughter and love her nickname!
I have a "Izzybee", a "Munch chee chee", a "Bubbie", a "Treyboy", a "Eviekins" and a "monster". :0) Yes I do have six, they are so much fun! I enjoyed your post so much, I just had to add it to my A.D.'s FAV 5 of the A to Z Challenge today!

If you do not see my FAV 5 up yet, I have one more blog to add, so do please check back!

Have a wonderful day!

Dana said...

Aww, she's very cute! My son just turned five in February. They grow up way too fast...

Anonymous said...

Sounds exactly like our third born!

Jean said...

She is a cutie. May be she'll be able to put that mirror image writing to some practical use one day. I remember visiting you in Peterborough and two older girls were playing with scraps of paper. Must run in the family.

Anonymous said...

Believe me !It does run in the family! ME