Saturday, April 21, 2012

S is for Squeaky

In our house, S is for Squeaky.  Squeaky just turned eight last week.  I don't think I know yet how to parent an 8 year old- after all, I'm only three days into it so far.  But something about "eight" seems so much older than "seven".  I don't know why.

There are so many things I love about Squeaky.  She is so creative.  She loves to make up stories and plays, write and illustrate books, design activity sheets and magazines.  She dreams about opening a bookstore and a restaurant.

It is fun to see my little baby girl turn into someone I can talk to.  I enjoy talking to Squeaky and finding out what she's thinking.  She's a thinker!  One day recently Squeaky and I had a serious conversation about obedience.  I was talking to her about how sometimes it seems like she takes a really long time to do whatever I've asked her to do.  She grabbed a piece of paper and scribbled a little picture to help illustrate her point of view.  This actually was really helpful!  It made me understand her in a way I never had before.

She explained that in the first picture she is standing by her bed and laying her jammies out on it.  Then comes the command, "Put on jammies."  And the last box is what she really wanted me to know, "I want to have fun while obeying."  :)  I thought this was a great insight for a 7 year old to have about themselves.  It has been helpful since then.  I've been able to tell her when she just needs to obey for the sake of speed or safety or when she has time to have fun while obeying.


Dana said...

What a smart girl! Her picture really spoke to my heart about what my own kids must feel when I get after them for not doing what I said fast enough.

Wonderful post!

Jean said...

Squeaky is a bright little gal to be able to share her ideas so well that Mom can truly understand them.

Mom, you are doing well to take advantage of what you are "learning" from your daughter.

Yesterday I wondered if you might make your S blog post on the Stair Steps - I guess you really covered them on your FB post this week.

Sally said...

Hi, found you on the 'surprise me' button. I look forward to reading more of your posts.
New follower from A - Z.

K.D. Storm said...

She is such a doll! She is a lot like my son Connor who is nine. trust me it does not get easier but it is a wonderful journey all the same :)

Sabrina said...

:) What a big girl! I remember when she was born, and when Bronwyn was only 8! Both seem like they were only yesterday.
Have fun and enjoy