Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Things I like about the Philippines, #4

This, my friends, is a stroke of genius.

These are small sample-sized packets of shampoo and conditioner sold individually or in strips.  Check out the picture of the sari-sari (road-side convenience store) below.

All those strips hanging from the line above the counter are small packets of shampoo, conditioner, dish soap, laundry soap, and even tiny boxes of just a few bouillon cubes.  Toothpaste comes in packages like that as well, and you can buy tiny sizes of deodorant, cologne, lotion, baby wash, vitamins... almost everything, just like the package of four diapers I wrote about earlier.  Most items here are available this way and it isn't expensive like the trial and travel sizes we used to buy in Canada or the U.S.

You can even go to the drug store and buy just one or two tylenol.  It is perfect for those headaches that suddenly hit and you don't really want to buy a whole bottle of medicine since you already have three at home!  :)

These packages are great for everybody- those who can't afford to buy a lot and also for those who don't really need a whole bottle of shampoo.  They are perfect for travelling, for sampling different kinds until you find something you like, or to get you by if you are in a pinch.  I love it!


Jean said...

Have so wished for that size of packages when preparing a long trip especially when flying.
Can you buy Tylenol or like pain killers at a Sari Sari? Such things are hard to find at convenience stores here in NA.

Sarah said...

can you by antibiotics and tylenol 3's etc as well? I know in Zambia those sort of "controlled " medications are easily accessed!