Monday, May 14, 2012

Things I like about the Philippines, #3

Here's another thing I love about the Philippines.

You know those large plastic mascots and larger-than-life toys outside of fast food restaurants, toy stores or movie theaters?

Those are not just advertisements here or gimmicks to get children to beg their parents for a product!  Those are photo ops!

Gone are the days of quickly snapping a picture of the large plastic lego guy before someone sees me take a picture of something so childish and embarrassing.  Do you remember ever furtively looking around before posing with Ronald McDonald or that purple McDonald's guy (what's his name?)?  In my mind those things were always embarrassing.  Or maybe it was just me?

Anyway, I do not need to worry about that anymore.  Here in the Philippines it is A-OK to have your picture taken with any old statue, larger than life toy, advertisement on the wall, movie poster or large cardboard cut out.  That is not embarrassing at all, even for adults.  And if your kids are cute enough, you may not be the only one snapping a photo either!  Not sure what to think about that part of it, but I do love that it is ok to enjoy the more childish things of life, no matter what age you are.  
Just look at the cute little "wanted"

I honestly had no idea that I had so many pictures of my kids with these sorts of things until I dug through the archives looking for pictures to go with this post!  Wow- not exactly practical or anything, but they do underscore my point.  :)


Sally said...

Great photos to embarrass your kids with when they are much older!! lol.

Anonymous said...

Where is the one where Winnie wanted to hang on to the Jollibee's rear end?


Dennis and Valerie said...

Ha, ha! Yes, they will love me for this later, won't they?! :)

Dennis, I couldn't find that one! It is classic, isn't it?

Jean said...

Deleted the first one because of the bad spelling. I said "Fun post"

Heather Robb said...

The purple guy from McDonald's is Grimace (he is my favourite). When I was a kid I found a stone that was just the perfect shape and painted it as Grimace (with some leftover fabric paint). I saved that rock for many years. :)