Sunday, May 13, 2012

Things I like about the Philippines, entry #2

Thing I love #2

This thing is something I never knew existed three years ago.  I did not have a need for this item.  I did not wish I had one.

When I arrived and was shopping for household supplies I kept seeing these huge colorful basins on the shelves at the store.  They were very affordable but I still had my NA (North American) eyes and I didn't even know what they were for.

Soon I started noticing them everywhere, and I found out they had a name! Palanggana (pa-lang-ga-nah).

Now, we own three large palangganas and several smaller ones.  These things are the best!  They come in all shapes, sizes and colors.  We use them for laundry, sorting things, a swimming pool, a spaceship, a car, holding water balloons, a bathtub for Miss Muffet and bunch of other things.

It took me a long time to be able to say that word without messing it up or saying the Tagalog word for "name" instead, which is "pangalan (pa-nga-lan)." 

"Excuse me, what is your washbasin?"  :)


HopiQ said...

Love these posts! :) And where can I get mine?? ;)

Sally said...

Great pictures, great washbasins, big enough for anything and everything.

Katherine said...

That's so great! I have just started appreciating them. I bought one the other day so Naomi could practice washing dishes. It's a "sink", just her size!

Faith said...

Yes! This is the one object I miss most from all the other countries in the world that I have lived in!