Saturday, May 12, 2012

Things I like about the Philippines, entry #1

I've been wanting to write about the things I like about the Philippines for a long time.

Any time a person is going from one culture to another, or from one country to another there are things that are different.  But, as Dennis and I learned (and often mantra-chant to each other when the need to be reminded arises), it usually is "not wrong, just different!"  Some of the "new" things I like so much better than the old!

Here is my attempt to share some of those cool, different things with you.

Thing I love #1:

This is a package of four diapers.  Yes, just four!  These little packages are available all over the place, and they are often available at roadside stores (called sari-sari stores) or corner convenience stores.  

Have you ever been out and realized that you forgot to restock the diaper bag?  Now, I won't put all of you in the same disorganized category as me, but I can recall lots of emergency runs to the store while on a road trip or sightseeing.  Usually I'd have to buy a pack of at least a dozen diapers or more, and the extra diapers usually wound up hanging from a plastic bag on the back of the stroller.  Annoying!

Happily, here I can just buy a few diapers and be on my way!  Hooray for differences!

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MynameisEarl said...

Now I can expect you to talk about street vendors that sell foodstuffs everywhere. Some ranging from; taho, peanuts, candy floss, dumplings, mango, pineapples and the like.

It makes me hungry just thinking about the food they sell.