Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Sweet Reunions

One little perk of living in two or even three locations is that when we move around we usually leave a little box of toys behind.  Now, the leaving behind part is not the perk (just ask my kids), but the finding of the box upon return is wonderful!

This week our girls were reacquainted with a few special things they said goodbye to about 10 months ago.

Miss Muffet was super excited to see her talking photo album from her Easton relatives.

Winnie really wanted to see her "little blue drawers" again and her mouse family.

Button received Elizabeth the cat as a gift from the her doctor when she was hospitalized for dengue.

Squeaky was reunited with her beloved Baby Bear (who is quickly becoming a favorite with Miss Muffet)!


Anonymous said...

Any school books? Gramma

Jean said...

Fun things to get. The old faithfuls.
Lots of love from A. Jean & U. Helmut