Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Snoopy the Me

I have this thing I do.

The baby goes down for a nap, and I hop onto the internet and snoop around. Today I snooped around the blogs of friends, and then friends of those friends blogs, etc. and so forth, until I was so removed from the original friend I couldn't remember who they were anymore. Obviously I am either a)a total loser, b)a really bored individual, or c)simply lazy.

Regardless, there is one thing I've noticed in my travels. Youth are passionate. Almost all the blogs I read are by individuals in the age bracket of 18-24. Most of the writers are single and are attending an institute for higher education/brainwashing facility. And they are so passionate! Passionate about their classes, about the music they are currently listening to, about God, about deciding what to do with their lives... Oh, I wish I could feel that deeply again! I think I've lost my grip on reality.

Do you ever wake up on a normal day and wonder where you are and how you got there? I feel like that sometimes. My day to day existence is so mundane that I forget I'm alive. It is such a shame. How do these people do it? It feels like ages since I've felt strongly enough about something that I want to cry or scream or belly laugh or dance. Life just keeps on keeping on, and I suddenly feel like I've missed it.

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Anonymous said...

You need to be passionate about being a mother. Mothering is your God-given responsibility. Your husband will make sure that you remain passionate in this endeavor. I am weary of addressing issues in this blog.