Friday, April 01, 2005

Things that Annoy Me

Warning: This will be a grumpy post

Maybe it is because I'm on this soup diet, or maybe it is because I'm just plain messed up, but today I am going to write about things that annoy me.

1) This morning I threw out 5 containers of sour cream that were in the fridge. I left the one container that isn't overdue in there. So yes, I had 6 containers of sour cream in my fridge at once!!! "Why?", you ask? Well, because I kept forgetting that I had any. That's annoying.

2) I really don't like it when bugs get in indoor plants. I had a cute little plant that I had to get rid of because it got bugs in it. The bugs look like little fruit flies and live in the dirt around the plant. They like to fly really close to your nose and eyes. ARGH. That's annoying.

3) I'm really irked at my brother, David. Yesterday I thought I was getting an e-mail from my sister-in-law. It was signed with her name, but I found out today that it was written by my brother!!! Who writes an e-mail and pretends to be someone else!!?!?!?!! I think this definitely shows a lack of character and honesty on the part of my brother. The least he could have done would have been to say he was writing on behalf of his wife. That's annoying.

Maybe next time I'll have a happy post.

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