Thursday, March 27, 2008

Easter Dresses (and rain boots)


pat ve said...

Cuties. You don't know how happy I am that you have had this week off and can be with friends and family. Hope you finish off with a great week. I love you all. Mom

Jean said...

Wow, all decked out in their Easter outfits; was it really warm enough for a sleeveless dress? Each one of them is so cute in her own way. I love Button's expression in the bottom picture.

I guess you will soon be getting back to the grind of everyday life.

Spring break is next week here - it only effects Ruth. She hasn't had much subbing this week so it seems like she is on a break all the time.

Love, A. Jean

Patti & Bruce said...

:) cute girls in cute dresses :) why do kids love rain boots so much? Or as our 2 year old calls them "raindeer" boots. :) I remember loving them too when I was a kid.
love to all,Patti

Ron & Sabrina Easton said...

They love them because it is the only time they are permitted to splash in BIG puddles and mud!
At least that is the rule in our house:)
I like the matching dresses, hope you are getting some much needed restoration over your break:)
Love to all