Thursday, April 03, 2008

Spring Break, Part One

I am so pleased to tell you that we made it to Peterborough, Bancroft, Peterborough, Bancroft, Ottawa, Bancroft, Peterborough, and back here safely over the past week! Just looking at the sentence now explains why I have dark circles under my eyes and am so tired. It also explains why I'm tickled to have seen so many of our friends and family! We'd been waiting for that trip since September. :) (Thanks, Lord!)

The girls had so much fun at Grampa and Gramma's house. The snow was extra crispy on the top, and they could run all over it while we adults crashed right through. Squeaky especially enjoyed her trips outdoors, and she managed to get her snowpants, coat, hat, boots, and mittens on all by herself several times each day. All she needed was for us to zip her up and out she'd go (by her "OWN self") to play. Button was a little more cautious and didn't appreciate how cold the snow was when it got inside her mitten or when mommy pushed her over in it trying to get her to make a snow angel. Sidenote: have you ever pushed a kid over in the snow while they are wearing snowpants? It feels like throwing a large marshmallow into a pile of cotton balls.


pat ve said...

It looks like they were have a really fun time. In the picture of Lael in the "fort", she resembles Caleb, don't you think? As for me, I am enjoying looking out on green grass but imagining mowing might be 3 weeks away possibly.

Anonymous said...

eeww mowing all ready... hee hee

laughed and laughed at your side note :) it made for a great mental picture

enjoyed seeing you all,
we're still healthy so I'm glad we didn't stay away
love to all,

Jean said...

Do you have that much snow in Durham still?

Squeaky is making great progress with dressing herself - for an almost four year old.

We plan, DV, to leave for Lincoln in the morning (if I ever get packed). We will plan at the moment to go on to KC on Sat.

Praying for all your family.

Love, A. Jean

Kate said...

Glad you had fun on the break - I still need to post pics from ours! K8