Monday, April 20, 2009

We have a 5 year old!

Squeaky's fifth birthday was on Saturday. I can't seem to get my brain around the fact that I have a five year old now. Five years is a long time. I'm not saying that as a bad thing; in fact, it has been rather enjoyable getting to know this little family member.

Check out this post to see Squeak on her third birthday! Wow. You will also get to see a much younger Button (14 months) and a week old Winnie. So cute.
We had a little princess party for Squeak yesterday. She and Button dressed up in their best Sunday dresses. We had two friends from here at NTMC and were so excited to have two little cousins join us as well. Bruce and Patti were able to come up to see us this past weekend, and they got the grand tour of everything including Jungle Camp.

The girls did a craft, played "hot slipper" for prizes and had a tea party. I tried my hand at making cake balls. They were hideous on the waxed paper and I felt so disappointed that I hadn't made the dolly cake that Squeak had asked for. But I discovered once again the magic of a glass plate- it turned ploppy, candy coated balls of cake into a delicacy fit for a princess party. :) I think next time I will try to borrow a double boiler from somebody instead of microwaving the candy wafers. I have to say that they were delicious!


Anonymous said...

so much fun
so hard to believe
so much loot!!
ps remember how big you were before she was born and how terrible it was to ride in my tercel :)

Glidewell Family said...

I love your pretty cake balls. I've never heard of cake balls before. I have a friend who made a doughnut cake she bought a dozen or so krispy creme glazed doughnuts and piled them up like a Christmas tree then she drizzled frosting all over like your cake balls then stuck candles all over the cake and Whala! What creative minds!!!! I must get out of my box. Oh Yeah Stormies favorite stuffed animal is a turtle and the turtle cake looked like an awesome idea too! When Stormie broke her arm Ace put a toilet paper cast on turltle too.

Jean said...

"A" for effort to the baker. Not everything turns out like we anticipate. Your cake balls look OK and since you tasted them and can vouch for their flavor every thing must have been great.

Must have been extra special to have an aunt & uncle with two cousins come for the party.

Love to all, A. Jean

Patti and Bruce said...

Thanks for having us :) we had lots of fun. I'm glad we finally made it there for a visit. The girls were playing bday party again yesterday. Yes, everybody, the cakeballs were yummy. I'm afraid Bruce is going to want them for his next bday. :)

pat ve said...

What a Princess party, including the tea party, princess furniture and dresses. I am very curious about the cake do you make them. I was impressed at how they were balanced on the sticks.

Dear Squeaky is such a beautiful 5 year old. I referred back to her 3rd BD party and it seemed like that was a post from last year.

Love to the 5 year old sweetheart.